Welcome to the website of the TraumaNetwork DGU®  of the German Society for Trauma Surgery

Our goal is to ensure that every severely injured patient in Germany receives the best possible care round the clock and in strict accordance with quality standards.To achieve this goal, we work jointly on the further development of existing care concepts in reliance on the specialist expertise and the willingness to participate of all those involved in providing medical care as well as the health and hospital insurance companies and funding bodies.
Based on many years of practical experience and on extensive research efforts, the DGU has developed a concept to establish networks of hospitals that are involved in the care of the severely injured. Importantly, all networks have to be tailored to the local and regional prerequisites and capabilities.
The participating institutions take on different responsibilities within the network according to their capabilities, equipment, and infrastructure, and are subsequently categorized as supraregional, regional or local trauma centres.
We assume that this web portal supports the efforts of its respective users and substantially contributes to our goal of ensuring the best possible care of the severely injured patient at all times and in all places.

On behalf of the board of directors, the chairmanship, and the “Working Group Whitebook Implementation / TraumaNetwork” of the Germany Society for Trauma Surgery

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Hartmut Siebert
General Secretary
    Christoph Josten
    Chairman DGU 2012
  Steffen Ruchholtz
  Spokesperson AKUT